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Chaz was born and raised in the rugged terrain of Northern Nevada near Jiggs. He grew up cowboying alongside his father and famed poet, Waddie Mitchell. Chaz built his first hat with his father during a workshop in Elko, Nevada.


For a period of time, he set aside hat making to rodeo and show horses. However, his adventures eventually led him back to the workshop. And, after years of practice and studying the art of hat making, he has created a successful full-time business. 







Chaz resides in Newcastle, Utah, where he and his wife Erin, build custom hats for cowboys and the cowboys at heart. 

"After years of practice and studying       
  hats and their owners, I understand what
      makes a good hat maker. it's understanding
        that a hat doesn't only fit the   
         circumference of the head but also the                        personality of the owner."

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