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I wake up and make someone's personality and character every day.


Let me build the statement you want to make.

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I am a cowboy! ….. well at heart anymore I guess.



I’m originally from Jiggs, Nevada where I grew up cowboying with my dad. My wife and kids now live in Newcastle, UT.


I’m I was a rodeo cowboy for a while, then I lost a finger and that dream went down the toilet. Then a construction cowboy where I even shaped my hard hat to look more waspy. After that I went to shoeing horses. Then went to shoeing horses for about 10 years.


Now I build hats. Some for cowboys and some for cowboys at heart.

When I was young, my dad was a cowboy and a damn good one, in my opinion. He also became a pretty famous cowboy poet. We built our first hats together at a workshop in Elko, Nevada. Of course, he made his famous Waddie Mitchell hat, while I pondered and pondered on what I should make for myself. He told me to make a hat that I would be proud to wear no matter what it looked like.



After years of practice and studying hats and their owners I understand what makes a good hat maker… it's understanding that a hat doesn't only fit the circumference of the head but also the personality of the owner. 

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